How do they work?


Every foot is unique, but the feet you are born with can cause problems for your knees, hips or lower back - not to mention sore feet! Here is a greatly simplified story in 3 pictures that will help to explain this concept.

Please consult with your Doctor of Chiropractic for detailed information and to arrange for a computer-enhanced diagnosis of your feet.
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As the foot strikes the ground and body weight forces it flat, the angled heel forces the bones above it, such as the knee, to adjust, causing pain in the knee as well as in the foot muscles.
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With a correctly designed and manufactured orthotic which slips unseen into a shoe, the foot is supported correctly and the foot and knee resume normal operation.

Sutherland Chiropractic offers the latest in computer-enhanced gait analysis that measures your feet in motion. (In the past, most orthotics were made from plaster casts while you sat or lay down.) The analysis is free so speak to your doctor today!
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